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Jaee Tee is a contemporary artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She works across several mediums including oil , acrylic, Chinese ink ,charcoal and mixed media.


Her work is characterized by bold and expressive gestures and the use of techniques like impasto, gestural marks making and dribbling of paints. Jaee’s work probes the notion of perception, issues of real and unreal, and explore the relationships between nature and human. Her practice involves effectuating a sense of tension between the work and the viewer through incorporating variety of marks and materials to dominate the graphic composition narratives. Her experimentations on canvas are the visual outlets for her daily preoccupations, which range from grief at injustices in the world to personal quietude found within the everyday.


Jaee has exhibited in many countries, including Fondazione Luciana Matalon , a contemporary art museum in Italy as well as The National Art Gallery of Maldives. Her work has been selected for the prestigious publication “Atlas of Contemporary Art” by De Agostini, curated by authoritative experts such as Achille Bonito Oliva. In Asia, she is represented by art galleries in Singapore and Malaysia. Her works are collected by private and corporate clients across the world.


Artist statement

I work primarily in the medium of paintings, with two distinct styles: abstract and figurative. My art tends to be spontaneous and experimental expressions of my responses to occurrences within my everyday life or to the tumult of global news cycles.


My work is filled with strong emotional content. Texture is my language. I lay it down in a dance with the surface and watch it take shape and form. I use a variety of tools to push, pull , create lines and scratches, never relinquishing control. I often mix colors on and off the surface, using spatial ambiguity, gestural stroke and splashes. I continue to work, adding layer upon layer until the canvas speaks to me, signaling dismissal that my work is done.Having grown up in a remote village in Malaysia, I also draw upon my childhood memories of being intimately connected with nature and the earth. Some of my works use materials derived from nature, such as turmeric, coffee grounds, salt, sand, and more.For me, painting is equally a practice of catharsis, innovation, and discovery.

My abstract works are a form of self-inquiry into the emotions and thoughts that traverse my mind daily. Through practices such as prayer, meditation, contemplation, and spending time in nature, I strive to reach a deeper understanding of myself. As such, the works in my abstract series are my attempt to capture the intricate complexities of knowing one’s self truly.


As for my figurative works, they are my form of a visual diary, to capture fleeting moments and observations of everyday life and preserve them in the form of art. The medium of painting is for me like memory: spontaneous, erratic, and endlessly fluid.

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