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The Chosen 12

Tee endeavours to use her art practice to navigates the intertwined domains between Chinese zodiac and the mathematic of astronomy, crafting a mesmerizing interplay between the subjective and the empirical. While the zodiac draws inspiration from the constellation's choreography, it stands apart from astronomy's disciplined embrace of empirical truths.Tee’s art serves as a bridge, transcending the boundaries between the objective and symbolic.Jaee's art creates a dialogue—a space where viewer can contemplate the intricate connections between human narratives and the vast, mysterious cosmos. Every canvas appears to narrate a tale, encompassing both zodiac symbols and human perspectives.


The interplay of hues reflects how she perceive animals in the vast cosmic space above. These celestial beings, while distant, also feel "present in us." The splattering of paints, a hallmark of this amalgamation, serves another profound purpose. It symbolizes the unseen yet palpable energy or “Qi" ( 气) of each animal, ever-present in our surroundings. Just as these creatures are light years away, their essence resonates within us and the spaces we inhabit.This symbolism not only draws inspiration from the captivating allure of the universe but also resonates with the profound insights offered by the Chinese zodiac's portrayal of personality traits.

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