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Abstract Natura

Known for its emphasis on motion charged with dynamic life, Tee employs Chinese calligraphy and ink painting techniques such as Xie Yi to convey the zeitgeist of nature. She also introspectively engages with the subject through meditative practices with painting. This creates a performative layer of meaning on top of the rich oriental history already captured in her work.


She amalgamates the edges of mountains, rivers, creatures, wind and everything in between our psychological encounter with nature.Some of her works are orientation-agnostic, offering additional interpretative freedom,allow the viewer to have more agency in interpretation through connecting the various forms painted.  The resulting forms presented act as a window to elsewhere – a portal where the viewer creates a unique inference with nature in transporting themselves elsewhere. Never ever repeated, our encounters with nature is always new every morning. This series encourages one to get up close with nature and discover the mythical and magical fervor that we can connect with.

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