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Incorporating performative gestures, the practice of Jaee Tee encapsulates the euphoria one gets from an encounter with nature as well as the timelessness of nature where one can consume it uniquely everyday. A reflection of Heraclitus’ philosophy that you cannot ‘step in the same river twice’, embracing nature has a magical factor that makes each encounter new and unique. Tee attempts to inspect nature’s operative in this equation through using gestures that aim to capture the soul of that experience.

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From the ancient Greeks' circle of animals to the annual procession in the Chinese zodiac, this celestial concept has fascinated people across different eras.Inspired by her late grandfather on this mythological area of interest, Jaee Tee endeavours to use her art practice to navigates the intertwined domains between Chinese zodiac and the mathematic of astronomy, crafting a mesmerizing interplay between the subjective and the empirical.

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